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Monday, March 30, 2009

My old acquaintance Vic Damone

Our Voiceoveruniverse Pal, Jeff Mc Neal, has just sent me an editorial about an old acquaintance of mine, Vic Damone, who was once a true rival of Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennet and others of the 50's and 60's Era so I wrote Vic the following email: I saw the story in the NY Post and it brought back memories of the summer TV Show (CBS 1956?) directed by Don Appel and sponsored by Maxwell House out of Benton & Bowlers, I think. I was your announcer and warm up guy and I knew Fritzey Lowe and Alan J. from the Lambs club, they were thrilled when I told them you were using "The Street where you live" for the Theme. I remember Tutti and Lou and some of the other guys I met through you - used to run into some of them up at the old Alrae. Anyway, I have fond memories of you! Best Personal Regards, Don Morrow

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