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Friday, March 27, 2009

The Voicey Awards

I am overwhelmed by the response of 2 current happenings - The Voicey Award and the March 14th Seminar. The "Voicey" Award is a first for me because we have always been the "hidden" in our business. Really, only my late and great friend, DLF, made our entity known as a third, estimable profession, has anyone known who we are. The first two, in the opinion of many, being a Hollywood Star, followed by restaurateur. Believe me, Voiceover is safer. To my Voiceover Students, attendees of the Seminar, old friends and new friends, your emails and calls to me have been more than humbling. Bless you all and Thank you!


Steve Peterson said...

Congratulations, you deserve this.


Adam Fox said...

You're the man Don! :)