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Monday, April 6, 2009

Living up to your Demo

Entering or trying to gain entrance to a new profession can be pretty scary. It's been years since you could walk into a radio station where you went to College or in your hometown and get a job. When I went for my first job, the second radio station I went to was WFBL (CBS Affiliate) in Syracuse and the kindly program director said he'd put me on that summer ('49) when his current student announcer went back to Philadelphia for the summer. The announcer was Dick Clark who I ended up working with decades later. The WFBL P.D. suggested that I go to the new TV station if I didn't want to wait. I walked in and said I was an announcer (I'd had a one semester course in it in '48). That P.D. asked where I had worked and I named WLAD in Danbury, CT. That of course wasn't true but I started the following Monday doing the news on WHEN, the first TV station in Syracuse, NY (5000 TV sets in all of Syracuse at the time) Moral of the Story-you better know you can live up to your audition. Today, that relates to your Demo. You better know you can live up to your Demo. When you're starting out today, thoroughly check out who you are studying with as well as who is making your Demo - It's critical for your future! How do you live up to your Demo? PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! (along with PERSISTENCE, PERSISTENCE, PERSISTENCE!)

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