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Thursday, September 25, 2014

"Death of a Horn Player" a short story

The Bedford Group offers this teaser of a true story profits will go to the deceased's 2 favorite organizations: The Danbury Music Center and The National Federation of the Blind Connecticut Death of a Horn Player A Short Story By A. Nonymous and B. Nonymous The People HP – The Horn Player SS – The Stepson SD – The Stepdaughter BFs – Best Friends BF1 – Best Friend #1 BF2 – Best Friend #2 BF3 – Best Friend #3 BF4 – Best Friend #4 Chapter 1 He was a charmer all his life, funny, vivacious, loyal and talented. He had played the trumpet since the 30s at every gin mill and catered affair in the area – at graduation parties, weddings, et al. He had worked in hat factories, sold booze, drank some of it, and had been a personal manager. He loved people and people loved him. He could talk to anybody a first time and make them friends. There was only one problem – he got old. BF4 used to tell him “never give up the horn, it’ll keep you alive”, but he did and began to slow down. He approached BF1, 2 and 3 about being executors of his will and powers of attorney, but they thought that would be better handled by his SS and SD. He’d told me some years back that he’d been left a substantial sum by his late wife and several decades later, his brother died and left him one quarter of a million dollars. He owned his own unencumbered house and was financially very secure. He received any necessary extra help from his good friends and truly wanted for nothing, but he made the mistake of growing old and slowing down.

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