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Thursday, January 28, 2010

FAQ Part 3

Coming out of your 1st session, will I have a demo to upload, or is this not included?

Whatever you think of your abilities, you are not likely to do a demo even though I have the ability to make you sound like a star on the first day. The point being that unless you have the biggest ego in the whole wide world and are an absolute egomaniac, you wouldn't be able to live up to that demo in a reality situation. What kind of confidence do you have in yourself? You can learn to fly on a computer but do you think you could really go rent a plane and fly it? Not likely. You gotta crawl before you walk, you gotta walk before you can run. Everybody pays their dues. Voiceover, if you're really successful, pays a helluva lot more than brain surgery. How long do you figure you have to study brain surgery before they let you operate?

Next question: If you were hell bent on an early demo, check out my Seminar including demo for $899. My one-on-one demo is $2500 and it has been that price for years but that's after one-on-one sessions with me. In that category it is explained on the website as you know by now.