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Friday, April 24, 2009

Voice your opinion....

There are many changes occurring rapidly in the Voice over Industry and those of us who are already professionals realize we have to bend to adjust to these changes. I have found an unusual number of potential clients who expect"Re-Do's"because they changed script or mis-timed their material. I'm told by my students, that many of them have no concept of grammar or spelling on their scripts, proper paying methods, paying on time, or, methods of receiving the audio. Fly-by-Night Production companies are springing up like mushrooms offering professional talent to "their "clients and I guarantee that the $200 voice they hire, will be billed to that client at $500 to $1000. As one who started in the business before there were residuals, I believe the business is going back to that status. Likewise, you'll be creating your own pension fund and medical insurance and, eventually, by survival of the fittest the business will evolve again, I think, but many years later. So what's the answer for the present? Regardless of your years in the business, get vocal about the treatment you're getting if you've experienced any of what I've stated. Let the services you're paying into, know how you feel. They need you every bit as much as you need them.

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