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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Adam Caplan's post on Don LaFontaine

Adam Caplan's article on really helps carry on Don's memory. Don's impact on the Trailer/Promo Industry was something that will never be equaled. The Tisherman agency and Don combined in the early '80's to become the strongest combo on the planet. Here's a little background history to go along with Adam's piece: When Don started as Editor/Writer/Producer/Director with Floyd Peterson's Trailer house in NY, my agent at MCA, Dan Davis, sent me to him in 1959 or 1960 and I did my first trailer under Don's direction. He was not only a fabulous director, all I had to do was copy his read and it was nailed. He hired me for hundreds of films over the next years, until he went to Paramount and worked both sides of the mic. In those interim years by the way, he had gone to work for Dan Davis who had left MCA in the early 60's to form the famous trailer house, Kaleidoscope. Don was and is an inspiration to so many of us. On my last trip to LA, Paul Pape took me to Don's grave and then we did exactly what Don would do.... We went to the Formosa and had a Good-Bye drink.

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