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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March 14th Seminar 2009

Hey let me tell you about the March 14 Seminar in Stamford, CT. We had the max number of people I could handle and still create personalized Demos from their material. Steve Hansen, owner of Hi Top Productions was great! We continued the Seminar for nearly 2 hours in the pub next door to the studio with a question and answer session, many laughs and a few gracious libations and sandwiches. They brought tears to my eyes singing "For he's a jolly good fellow" and they made me feel very humbled. I couldn't have asked for more.


Daniel Wright said...


I was one of the 15 very fortunate voice actors to be in attendance at the March 14th seminar. Without exception I give the experience 5 out of 5 stars!
I am a working voice actor and I have been to my fair share of classes, one on ones, and seminars. This is the only seminar where I,

a. performed with a legend, Don Morrow, IN THE BOOTH.

b. Had the pleasure of watching said legend work with all of my fellow attendees IN THE BOOTH.

c. Walked away with enough reading and copy to last me a year.

d. Will have my own demo when all is said and done.

e. Broke bread and had a very informative Q & A at the pub up the street.

Don, the seminar was worth every single penny and now that the check is already cashed I don't mind telling you, I would have paid more!

I don't know how you put a price on someone who has been down every road in the business of voice over instructing you and taking time to answer your questions and tell great stories about what he, as a working VO, has been through.

Don, I want to thank you, your staff and the fine folks at Hi Top Studios for a wonderful day!

Be well,
Daniel Wright

Don Morrow said...

OK me da money!! Seriously folks and you too Dan, it was indeed a pleasure! I think you'll love your demo when I finish with it and your professionalism is shining through...

Bob Hurley said...

Hi Don-
I was also in attendance in Stamford and was truly humbled (and somewhat speechless) to have you standing at my shoulder for the session.

I whole-heartedly second everything that Dan said. I could not have communicated my feelings any better than he did.

We were very fortunate to have our lives intersect with yours last weekend. Much of what we learned was priceless.

Thank you for spending the time with us and we all hope to see you again very soon.

I'd also like to thank Kevin, Dunja, Fran and Steve for making the day a wonderful and memorable experience.

I hope we make you proud, Don!

Bob Hurley

...and thank you for the refreshments in the studio and the bar!!

Don Morrow said...

Bob, you did more than make me proud. I was exhilarated and I hope it showed. You were terrific and we're building your Demo, as we speak, with TLC. Thanks so much..

DAO said...

Hi Don,

I would like to express my extreme gratitude for the time and effort put into the seminar held on March 14th. I had an awesome experience and was glad to have been fortunate enough to attend.

In a short period of time in the booth, I gained a wealth of experience on interpretation and delivery. I met and networked with fabulous voice actors in the process and most of all had a demo in post production at the end of the day!

I honestly can't wait for the final product!!! I look forward to making some headway in my voice over journey with the final polished product.

Thank You Don, and to the staff Dunja, Hi-Top productions and co. I couldn't have had a better experience!


Fred Bolden said...

Freddie Bolden, from Indianapolis, IN

Don Morrow, I was #11 in attendance at the Voiceover Seminar on March 14th in Stamford, CT. I am also very new to Voice acting, and I must say that my first Seminar and exposure to voiceover training was some experience for a beginner. When I entered the room Don met me at the door shook my hand and hung up my coat. You Don, were a very gracious host. Each of us in attendance had 7-8 scripts that we read "twice" in the Booth. After more than five hours in the Booth; with a small break and after reading more than two hundred scripts, Don Morrow's voice was just as Strong, Smooth, Expressive, Clear and Forceful as it was in the beginning. The experience of that day with the materials and the demo is more than worth the price. Mr. Morrow, I am enriched because of you. Those in attendance; Don you, and your staff are a great group of people. Don, your staff was very helpful, patient and kind. Thank you for the system that you have put together. Keep on sharing, and do be encouraged.
Freddie Bolden

Brian Hudson said...

I certainly would have been leading the song “For he’s a jolly good fellow”! I’m so glad your turnout was a great success, hopefully I may attend one of your seminars someday soon. Being in Brazil makes it a bit of a difficulty for the moment.
Brian Hudson

Don Morrow said...

Freddie and DAO,

What a pleasure you guys were. Hope you had as much fun as I did. Your demos are turning out great. Best, Don

Steve Peterson said...

Thanks for a wonderful experience in Stamford. It was a "kick" standing shoulder to shoulder with you in the booth, reading line by line...learning with every inflection and pattern. In just one afternoon you helped me "unlearn" some old radio habits and learn some voice acting techniques that would have taken years to discover on my own. The martini and Q&A session afterwards was a huge bonus!

Bye the way, I also learned alot from time spent with Steve, Fran and Kevin. And Dunja did a great job of keeping it all moving and organized.

I now want to schedule a one on one session with you in Danbury.

Thanks again, you're a great teacher.

Steve Peterson
Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Bob Hurley said...

Hi Don-
Congratulations on your Lifetime Achievement Award!!
No one deserves it more than you, Sir!