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Thursday, February 5, 2009

How the voice over world has changed....

The voice over world we live in today isn't anything remotely like the business I was in 60 years ago or even 50 or 40. No more 3 Martini Lunches where all future business was done. (I'm going to try to bring back that old feeling with my March 14 Seminar) The late Don LaFontaine was editor, writer, producer, director on the first trailers I ever did, 10 years before he stepped to the other side of the mic. He hired me for hundreds of them, including Clint Eastwood's first four movies. Those were glorious days where everything was done in a professional studio and guys and girls who were the voices didn't have to mess with home studios, computers and mix and edit their own material. God, do I miss those days!


Anonymous said...

Don, I am delighted to have found your site and to have read your info. I was actually looking for some info specific to the Toledo area, found none, but was drawn to yours. Thank you for educating me in re: to a profession that has intrigued me for years.
Many years ago, when I was active in local theatre, a rep from an ad agency approached me and asked me to come to their studio to audition for a voiceover. I did, and was so thrilled when I turned on the radio one day and actually heard myself! I never pursued it because of time constraints. Now I have the time, and definitely the interest. I look forward to learning more SOON.
Thank you for being such an inspiration, Don!

~Carol in Ohio

Anonymous said...

Don, I am a retired language (English and French) teacher, and have a passion for language in general. Are there ever opportunities for a voiceover in French? Thanks!


Don Morrow said...

Of course! There are GREAT opportunities in any language. The key to a successful VO career is Persistance..

Don Morrow said...

My pleasure Carol and look no further...did you go to because that may be as far as you get in VO Training in Toledo. I also have a Seminar coming up in June.