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Friday, May 15, 2009

Something to think about...

I tell people who call me about VO Training: An hour with me and you'll love it or hate it. No push to keep'em coming. If they love it, they'll come back, sooner or later, maybe. So, a guy (middle aged)wants to switch professions and like all of us, who got into it, he's always been told he's got a great voice. He's the perfect student profile, never been in it and has money to spend. With classes on the West Coast, he's into 4 figures and when he realizes they're pushing him for 5 figures with advanced classes, the ultimate demo and hints of contacts in the industry; he sort of begins to feel he's being had. Not the first time I've heard of this, not to mention that the prime teacher was the voice of a car dealership as number 1 credit. Moral of the story: Buyer beware, you're swimming with sharks out there.

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